Starters and Finishers


Starter's & Finisher's


Created with your choice of Franks Hot or Medium or Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce. Available in 1/2 or full pound!

Our Famous Breadsticks

Served with Marinara Sauce.

Cheesy Bread Sticks

Served with Marinara Sauce.

Italian Cheese Bread

Regular or Large sizes. Served with Marinara Sauce.

Bosco Sticks

Three Bosco Sticks served with Marinara Sauce./td>

Italian Meatballs

Your choice of 12 or 24!

Cinnamon Sticks

Our Famous Breadsticks on a whole new level!! Served with Cinnamon Sauce.

Elephant Ear

Why wait until Alpenfest when you can get one now! Served with Cinnamon Sauce.

Giant Cinnamon Roll

More than enough t satisfy the biggest sweet tooth! Served with Cinnamon Sauce.

Cinnamon Bites

If you like our Cinnamon Sticks, you're going to love these bites!! So irresistible you can't put the down! Served with Cinnamon Sauce.

Flatbread Sticks

Your choice of Ham or Pepperoni!


Get a side of icing added to our treats to really tickle your tastebuds!